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遊戲玩家違規懲罰規範 / Full price list of mutes and bans for all sorts of violations / Полный прейскурант мутов и банов за всевозможные нарушения

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The Rules is for uwow.biz.


Price list of mutes:



1. It is forbidden to use obscene language in general chat rooms.
A veiled, Russian or foreign filthy language.
Punishment: mut from 1 hour (for a single word-mat), up to a month (43200 min.) In case of multiple relapses, as well as combining with other disorders. In some cases, an account bank can be presented for a period of 1 day to a month.

2. Any threats, any insults to whomever in the chat room are prohibited.
For the violation are considered threats related to malicious acts against the person or group of persons (threatening to send viruses, hacking, dsos), as well as IRL disassembles, such as "Yes, I'll calculate you by IP, I'll arrive on a cherry low 9 and shoot Valera" etc.
Threats are not considered phrases like "yes, I'll kick you out of a gee", "yes I'll advertise you like a rifle!", Etc.
For example, for insults like "fool, loh, noob" no one will be muddied, if they are not directed towards the administration, the server or somebody's relatives. Swearing in society has always been and will not be running after you with a bib and no one is going, on the box with WoW is pegi, which warns customers that the game is obscene lexicon, as well as pegi assigned a limit in the age allowed for the game: 12+. Forbidden insults based on obscene statements, reading paragraph 2 you will understand what I mean. Bans of threats and other penalties are forbidden, for example "you will be given a bath for it," "I'll give you ban", etc., phrases like "screen, forum, ban" And "screen, ban" are not considered for violation. Threats are allegedly prohibited by an alleged acquaintance with the administration, the administration has friends on the project, but no one will ban on the handouts of those or their friends. Scripted emotions (ie / spit / lol, etc.) offensive in the direction of players and even the game charms of moderators, and especially donators are not considered offensive. Exception: insults through the command / me, / e.
You are on the Internet, young people, be kind, fight with your peers in the yard.
2.1 It is prohibited to insult anyone's race / ethnicity / nationality
Under this item are the words: churka, hach, khokhol, katsap, nigga, liqd, etc., etc.. It is not necessary to confuse this point with ignition of ethnic hatred, ignition presupposes a clearly expressed call for hatred / violence / aggression towards any nation / race / ethnos.
Punishment: mutation from 12 hours (720 minutes) to permanent in case of relapse and taking into account the severity of the disorder. In some cases, a bank account may be presented for a period of 1 day to a permanent. In the case of § 2.1, the punishment is from 10,000 minutes to 20,000 minutes of mutation.
3. It is forbidden to flood in the chat.
Flooding is: posting messages that are useless for the chat channel. These can be very short messages, clogging chat or very long messages that make it difficult to read the chat, as well as messages containing a verbal "water", not bearing the proper semantic load.
Flood also considers placing identical messages in several channels, placing several identical messages in a row, or simply placing several messages in a row, if at least one of them can be classified as a flood.
Do not invent frames "more often than once in 10 seconds", etc., flooding is determined visually, if you are "too much and often" in the chat, you will be judged as a flooder.
3.1. Forcing spells with prefixes such as "[% spell%] anus", "[% spell%] mother-in-law" are forbidden.
Do not tell me that you really were wondering whether [Dark Sorrow] is working, or "and everyone was flooding, it seemed funny to me, once, and Fedya 10, and why are they all the same to me?" No guys, any fact of such a forcing is already fed up with, that we will be merciless to fight against this. Fortify can not only mother-in-law and anus and all sorts of derivatives from this shit.
Punishment: muteness from half an hour (30 minutes) to an hour, with a relapse - doubles. Combining this violation with another will have the character of summation, let's say the flood with a mat will be punished for 120 minutes at a time, 240 for a relapse, add insults - from the day on and on.
4. Prohibitions to the Administration such as "Give Golds \ Honor \ Clothing \ Mount \ mp, Convert to the Instruction on the Arena", etc. are prohibited. even as a joke.
This violation is regarded immediately for both - the begging of the letters from the Administration, interference in the work of the Administration.
Whether you are joking or not, whether you have a birthday or a younger daughter's wedding, the anniversary of the dog's death, the new year, the end of the world, all over the drum.
4.1. It is forbidden to distract the Administration with meaningless messages ("ku", "hello, are you here?", "Can I have a question?", "Are you an admin?", "Do you haneasya \ skype, admin?", Etc.) in the chat.
Suppressed as attempts to use mods / GMs for Google, vovhed, psychologist, rendezvous. Tickets you are not a matchmaker, like LFG and pm. It is not necessary to get acquainted with anyone, no one is interested in that you do not have a female / male, we have no idea how long to stop (because we multiply by budding, og), etc. Distract the Administration can also be an invitation to the party, overlapping the character of the administration character, his thick-mouthed mammoths, etc., as well as mockery of the charm, flood emotions.
Punishment: mutates from 60 minutes to 5000 minutes. In some situations, a kick is possible (disconnecting from the server without restricting access to it), if you interfere with the GM physically, then you can get a frieze and TP on the hm island, followed by mutes, kick from the server for warning, as well as ban accounts from 12 hours to a day.
5. Any attempts to "joke", provocations, trolling, etc. are forbidden. heresy to the representatives of the Administration.
Imagine, for a second, that the server is a large such house. No matter what and where. It is important that the house has staff and owners, they are the Administration. Also, there are a lot of guests in the house, they are also players. Now imagine that the guest is drunk, or just a moron, begins to dig up to the staff, or else to solicit a mistress at her husband, or forgive, fart and yelp, sitting at a table at a party and neighing over it. You understand, where they throw such, and here, ungrateful pigs and honor know, with a heel in the ass. Emotion of an offensive character to the representative of the administration will be calculated as a real insult and undermining authority.
Punishment: if violation of the address to the representative of the administration: a mutation from 1000 minutes to a permanent, depending on the severity of the violation. If to the address of the administration game arc, then to regard the curator, for the subject of the conversation - humiliation as moderator / GMa - to punish from 1000 minutes to 10k minutes, as a person - to punish in accordance with paragraph 2 if there was a violation in such a dialogue, .
6. It is forbidden to use scripts / add-ons, etc. to change the color of the text in the chat.
Color text makes each chat channel uncomfortable to read. Excessive presence of colors creates an additional burden for vision and at peak hours, reading such a chat is a challenge.
Punishment: a mut of 60 minutes, with a relapse doubles to 120 minutes. The combination of this violation with another will have the summation effect.


Attention! Raid, guild, group chat are not considered for obscene language and insults, but are also dealt with in case of violations: Insulting the Administration (OA), Insulting the server (OS), Insulting relatives (ER), Insulting Donators (OA), Advertising, Exchange sale of characters, etc.), ignition and insults of interethnic / intercultural, etc.discord.


Pricelist of Bans.



1. Any advertising in the gaming chat room is prohibited.
Any links to commercial projects, as well as any information (including links) about service providers similar to ours (WoW servers) placed to entice players to a third-party project / to expose our project in a disadvantageous light / to exhibit a third-party project in a positive light . We also realize that players have characters on different servers, so simply mentioning third-parties, without the goals described above, is not punishable. Phrases such as "go to the circus, podeelimsya" are not a mention of another project, these phrases also fall under this rule.
Punishment: from 10,000 minutes of mut (chat blocking) to 30 days ban at the discretion of the curator. When relapse, the curator has the right to expose a permanent ban on the account, and upon request to the administrator for all accounts on the IP of the intruder.

2. Any offers of services for real money are forbidden.
Any services for real money, even not related to WoW (trading in chat rooms, car, apartment in Moscow, cute puppies and other heresy) will be regarded as commercial services for real money. Violation equates to spam and attempt to attach to the project as a provider of customers. Our users were not warned about this at registration, so such situations will be stopped by maximum penalties. I should note that if a player does go to these services, he is considered to be supporting spam, i.e. causing a harmful effect on the project, which punishes Permban all acces and IP. Administration is not responsible for the honesty of the services offered by these persons. The begging of real money is also an attempt to benefit from the project.
Punishment: 20,000 minutes mutation in the case of the sale of a non-WoW world, permanent ban of all accounts on the ip, if sold relates to WoW.

3. It is forbidden to offer an exchange of accounts / sell access to the account for any values / offer transfer of control over the ACK / transfer access from an account to any third parties, etc.
3.1. It is forbidden for anyone to gain access to another player's account.
Otmazy type "I decided to check how many suckers will buy akk pirates", "I wanted to catch those who will change and float on the forum," "I clicked on the macro check that a friend played after my Persian," "I did not say that I really will change, I'm just kidding "do not roll. Please note, the violation applies to any social network, any community. Do not roar and whine, do not break it. Any transfer of details and, accordingly, control over the account, is punished, and this applies to both parties, both the one who gave and the one who accepted it.
Punishment: permanent account ban, and in some cases all accounts on the IP. Offers exchange or gratuitous transfer of control over the account are punishable by ban for 30 days.

4. Insults of relatives are forbidden.
Insult, like veiled or indirect, such as "Say hi to my mom!", "Your wife / husband chmo" and any mention of relatives (people, if you are a zoophile, do not speak for the whole Internet), which can be interpreted as an insult (relative) or carrying a double meaning (towards the relative), is punishable by castrating the access of the client to the server, and it would be necessary also with a sour cloth on the lips. This item also includes all the wishes of injuries, death, etc. and so on.
4.1 It is forbidden to ignite ethnic hatred.
In accordance with the laws of any democratic country, the ignition of all this heresy is punishable by a term. The administration does not assume the responsibility to continue to supply access to such end people, so any Ukraine-Russia-Africa-USA-Caucasus, and other sick topics from these spheres are punished mercilessly.
4.2 Insults are forbidden, which due to their duality can be both insults of the player and his relatives
Many players come and say that their brother / sister was insulted with phrases like "Your father's son is fucked", "your mother's daughter is a prostitute" and so on. An insult can really relate to relatives and prove something is useless, but also may not apply. That is why this type of insults is introduced by a separate article and is punished differently.
The same point includes the use of all sorts of fictitious words like "emka", "imka", "mumuka" and other delirium, through which the players long enough to escape responsibility for the PR, arguing. that they meant a completely different word, and we are sitting here for them and guessing. Well, if you mean another word, write this other word, it's good to tell you that you were co-operating someone's cow, car, marukha, etc., on the server is not prohibited, and if you invent words that can be interpreted ambiguous, then you will be responsible for this ambiguity.
Punishment: paragraph 4 for veiled insult 25k minutes of mut (when relapsed, at the discretion of the curator - 15 days ban). With direct insult, the punishment of 30 days of ban (with relapse, at the discretion of the curator - 60 days of ban). In the case of § 4.1. punishment: 30 days of ban. In the case of § 4.2, the penalty: 10 days of ban

5. It is forbidden to insult the Donat system, donators about the fact that they are donators, as well as to humiliate, shackle, and generally unhealthily speak out about it.
Donat is a voluntary business, someone else's wallet should not bother you.
If the donor himself starts provoking srach from the donat or somehow planted for insults - Donater will also be punished with a ban.
Note: Due to the extreme intricacies of insults based on the word "bottom" (not always enough context), we refuse to view them as an insult to donators unless there is sufficient context when it is clear that the word "donaty" was meant. Question, scribble all correspondence, but the context should be, otherwise we can not ban the offender.
Punishment: if jokes, trolling: from 10 days of mut to a month, depending on the severity. If a direct insult - from 15 to 30 days of ban.

6. It is forbidden to use any programs / add-ons giving you any advantage over other players, including multi-boxing, etc.
(Exceptions: Addons that increase the player's knowledge of the world: (health of mobs, dungeon maps, etc.)
Most popular hackprograms: WEH, WPE PRO, Cheat Engine, etc. have long been dismantled for spare parts by scripts, created anti-cheats, a system that calculates the substitution of packages with these programs, for example, the replacement of the speed of the character from 1 to 50, or complex filters for dyupa anything.
My dear, old fairy tales, about the fact that you were banged, kicked [censored] force, then banned for nothing, or you got stuck in the texts, and, with the help of teleport decided to get out, without harm to the server, or just decided to check "whether it works ? ", The Administration does not believe and will not believe, so if you put a hack, decided to look for adventure on your ... iron armor, you do not even have to use prog, anti-cheat will work like an antivirus, and anti-cheat - a stupid machine, knows only one digit: "-1", which means permanent. Antichit is tested and continues to be constantly tested by many testers, so that interference if there are in it - fixed on test 2. Therefore, revisions of antichity bans are not considered.
If on the offense you will be caught in the raid / bg / arena - the accomplices are banned at GM's discretion.
But, if you did find hacks for WoW that do not burn with anti-cheat, and you will be caught by GM instead of anti-cheat, the conversation will not be longer than with anti-cheat.
By the way, if you agree to cooperation and diligently hand over cheats - there is a chance that you will be forgiven.
Punishment: WEH, multi-box, etc. - 30 days, everything else is punishable by a permanent account ban (sometimes all accounts on the ip), in some cases a permanent ban can be replaced with a smaller one, at the discretion of the administrators, if the damage done is small. In some cases, a ban can be placed on other accounts on the ip's of the intruder.

7. It is forbidden to use any game bugs giving you any advantage over other players, as well as hiding them from the Administration.
Similarly, cheat-programs are anti-cheat filters for monitoring popular boots, as well, if you are bullied with a barge in a raid / bg / arena - accomplices are banned at GM's discretion.
Similarly to the cheats, there is a system of leniency for cooperation with the Administration.
Penalty: Ban-permanent account, in some cases, the ban is permanent for all accounts on the ip. There are situations when the bad guy is caused by the server and unintentionally. And as a small bugojuz. Ban for such antics is less permanent (from 3 days), but it remains at the discretion of GM, who caught you.

8. It is forbidden to with hold violations from the Administration.
If, later it turns out that you did not do this intentionally, you will be punished.
Therefore, the phrases like: "I have a screenshot of how you are furious, so if you are not <...>>, then I will send it to the administration", will be punished more severely than the violation itself.
Among other things, there is an antonym of this rule - the voluntary surrender of bugs / cheats, which is encouraged by the Administration by agreement.
Dissemination in secret from the Administration of the same will be punished in full force.
Punishment: from 30 days to a permanent account ban (with the consent of the administrator), in some cases, a permanent ban of all accounts on IP can be set.

9. It is forbidden to sell any game values or services for real money.
9.1 It is forbidden to buy any items for real money in any way, except through donations and for e-coins through the official server cashier.
One of the oldest rules of the server, the eternal problem of freeards players - scammers, scammers and once again scammers. We are forced to block access to such players, because The vast majority of these situations are material and moral harm to you, dear player, as well as technical harm to the server and undermining its credibility as honest. In this regard, the Administration refuses to provide further access to the server to individuals convicted of these frauds. The begging of real money is also an attempt to capitalize on the project.
Possession of a nickname for a violation as such does not count. You did not fix the copyrights to the nickname in the official certification sources.
Punishment: Ban-permanent for account, and in some cases all accounts on IP. In the case of clause 9.1 the penalty: 30 days of ban and removal of the purchase.

10. It is forbidden to use obscene and offensive words in the names of players and the names of guilds.
Prohibited nicknames that contain insults to the server, administration, as well as titles or advertisements of third-party projects.
10.1. It is forbidden to create characters with names similar to the names of members of the administration.
It is forbidden to use the names of characters consisting of third-party characters. Nick can only be created using the alphabet (A-z) and English. alphabet (A-z) (exception of the country: China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan). It is forbidden to combine symbols from several alphabets in one nickname.
For insults are considered phrases that can really be regarded as degrading, or offending the person's moral / racial / personal standards.
Suppose, for insults such as "fool, loh, noob" to muddle even funny, well, the kindergarten is the same. Swearing in society has always been and will not be, you are not going to run after you with a bib, there's a pegi on the box with WoW, which warns customers that there is obscene language in the game, and pegi has set a limit in the age allowed for the game: 12+. Forbidden are the same insults on the basis of obscene statements, after reading paragraph 2, the price list of violations in the chat - you will understand what I mean.
Mat, both foreign and Russian, as well as veiled, a transliteration, and the like, is forbidden to use. Comrades, do not be sober that using the word "bitch", not as a definition of the sex of the dog, you mean a literary word.
The administrator has the right to deem your nickname insulting in his own discretion, similarly, the Administrator has the right to find your nickname as a fake nickname of a member of the Administration at his own discretion, but if only the charm of a potential faker is created after any of the spells of this representative of the Admin-composition, otherwise, the administration reserves the right to forcefully change the nickname to this player, so that he does not cause among the players the location of him as a representative of the Administration.
Punishment: Ban for 3 days of the violator's account + forced rename of the char. When the recurring is permanent, the account bank. In some cases, a bank can be presented for a period of 1 day to a permanent).

11. It is forbidden to merge "Honor Points" and "Honorable wins" on players of opposing factions, (unimportantly, by prior agreement or in two windows by a multigram), it is forbidden to merge the "Arena Points" and the rating of the arena teams in team battles in the rating arena.
 I hasten to note that playing out 10 fights on a drip is not considered a drain, and is allowed. The administration reserves the right to check the arenas of the server, and, if found to infringe, apply penalties to them, without reporting to the player the evidence, because Arena-logs of the server contain a lot of confidential information. If the player wants to review his ban, the reason of which is draining in the arena-logs of the server, he has the right to write a complaint to the GM that applied to him the penalty, after which the verification of the genuineness of GM motives and his impartiality towards this player will be initiated. Verification will be conducted only if there is a well-formed complaint in a particular section. If, during the audit, it is determined that the player has deceived the administration, he and his teammates will be subjected to a ban of all accounts and IP, and the complaint to GM will be paid off, and vice versa, if the situation turns out to be not GM's right, he will incur a punishment, the form and severity of which the administrator will determine, and the players will be immediately banned.
For insults are considered phrases that can really be regarded as degrading, or offending the person's moral / racial / personal standards.
Punishment: Ban for 2 weeks of all accounts-members of the teams-slivers, even "accidentally-entering" in the time of the charm, besides, after the ban, all the actual equipment will be deleted (For the fan there is an exception, what happens and the removal of PvE things that are bought with the help of reaching any ranking in the arena) + disband of the team. At the first relapse, hm has the right to double the term of punishment, each subsequent relapse gives the right to increase the punishment each time even 2 times up to six months of the ban.
When the "Honor Points" and "Honored Wins" are drained after a ban for 2 weeks (with a relapse of the ban from the month to the permanent, the removal of ALL achievements related to the violation (without proceedings on the topic of what you honestly stuffed there and what was poured) , removal of ranks (Son / daughter of the Horde / Alliance) and dumping of stuffed kills.

12. It is prohibited to distribute malicious programs (trojans) with the aim of stealing game values.
12.1. Any actions that entail a harmful effect on the server are prohibited.
These can be hacker attacks, hacking attempts, spam mailing, dsos attacks, bugs that the server is crashing (ie, leading to a critical server error, forcing it to shut down), etc.
Punishment: Ban-permanent of all accounts and IP. Deleting accounts / pests. Ban is a permanent subnet in the case of the powerless IP ban.

13. The following actions with regard to administration are prohibited:
13.1. It is forbidden to discuss / criticize the actions of the administration.
For these purposes, there are topics on the forum "complaints about the administration" / "appeal of penalties" / section of proposals, rather than gaming chats and unintentional branches of the forum.
13.2. It is prohibited to deceive members of the Administration in any form and for any purpose.
13.3. It is strictly forbidden deliberately to slander the administration.
13.4. It is forbidden to insult the Administration in direct and indirect form.
13.5. It is forbidden to take any things from the administration. Any causeless sketches should be screened and sent to the forum.
13.6. Any attempt to impersonate a representative of the Administration is forbidden.
13.7. It is forbidden to insult the server in direct or indirect form.
Punishment: Ban-permanent account, in some cases, can be exposed to a permanent ban of all accounts on IP.
In the case of clause 13.1 punishment: the account bank from 10 to 30 days. In the case of § 13.4. punishment of 90 days of ban (with relapse, at the discretion of the curator -180 days of ban). In the case of § 13.7. punishment of 30 days of ban (with relapse, at the discretion of the curator -60 days of ban).




The administration does not consider user channels (created by players) for minor violations: flood, insults, mate and others, but reserves the right to consider these channels for more severe violations: OR, OA, OS, advertising, trade for real, exchange of accounts and similar according to the price list and the rules of the project.
Supplement for fake screenshots:
If a person is caught in a fake screenshots, then all the players who were banned earlier on the screenshots from this convicted have the right to file a review of their punishment and if there are no circumstances that can interfere with the anban, then the banned can rely on anban.

Important! In the case of violations, where the penalty is only permanent bank account or all accounts on the ip, the curator has the right to issue a permanent ban on the violator's ip.

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第一條、本規範依據「Full price list of mutes and bans for all sorts of violations」所制定。

  1. 僅適用於在UWowCN.com進行遊戲的玩家。


  1. 於公共頻道發表性騷擾言論,進而導致玩家內心不適,玩家可以舉證檢舉告知管理團隊予以處罰。此項規定的禁言懲罰最少1小時(60分鐘)至最多24小時(1,440分鐘)。
  2. 禁止玩家在公共頻道上發表成人情色相關的字詞,玩家可能包含未成年人,於公共頻道上發表成人情色言論與相關字詞者,管理團隊予以禁言最少6小時至7天(10,000分鐘)的懲罰。
  3. 禁止玩家在公共頻道上發表成人情色資訊,於公共頻道上發表成人情色連結者、討論成人情色內容者,管理團隊予以禁言最少3天(4,320分鐘)至1個月(43,200分鐘)的懲罰。
  4. 第四條規範不僅針對下列語言:中文、英文、俄羅斯文進行規範,若以其他語言違規亦適用。


  1. 禁止任何玩家以「駭客攻擊」、「侵害他人財產、生命安全」、「破壞名譽」為理由來威脅玩家以及管理團隊。如果有任何玩家違反此項規定,管理團隊予以永久鎖定帳號的懲罰。


  1. 禁止使用有可能造成濫發對話訊息的巨集,特別是施放法術的巨集。若違反本規定,可予以禁言最少30分鐘至60分鐘的懲罰。
  2. 禁止在世界頻道上濫發對話訊息且造成伺服器大量玩家的集體抱怨,或者導致嚴重破壞伺服器世界頻道的秩序。若違反此規定,可予以停權30天以上,最高永久停權的懲罰。


  1. 禁止向管理團隊要求贈送金幣、榮譽、裝備、變形⋯⋯等特殊待遇,違反本規定者可予以禁言最少30分鐘至5,000分鐘的懲罰。
  2. 當管理團隊人員明確表示他並不想與您非遊戲的相關問題時,請不要一直嘗試與該員閒聊,違反本規定者可予以禁言最少60分鐘至5,000分鐘的懲罰。
  3. 禁止向管理團隊詢問過於私人的問題,違反本規定者可予以禁言最少30分鐘至5,000分鐘的懲罰。
  4. 若嚴重干擾管理團隊的工作,管理團隊予以鎖定您的帳號12小時至24小時不等。嚴重干擾的範圍如下:


  1. 當管理團隊正在進行任何遊戲內容測試時,有可能會暫時關閉自己的GM模式,而導致玩家能夠攻擊管理團隊成員。但是這並不代表玩家被賦予主動攻擊管理團隊人員的權利,任何未經許可而主動攻擊管理團隊的玩家,將予以停權帳號最少1天至3天的懲罰。
  2. 當管理團隊拒絕處理你的回報時,可能是因為你的回報內容敘述不明確;也可能是因為不符合處理流程;或其他原因。管理團隊應回覆您正確的處理流程,並請您依照管理團隊指定方式處理問題。而玩家禁止以任何理由,指控管理團隊對您有任何不平等待遇,除非玩家能夠提出完整的證據並向伺服器負責人(Curator)提出申訴,申訴是玩家唯一能夠指控管理團隊有不良行為需要糾正的方式,除此以外的方式皆會視為對管理團隊的挑釁,管理團隊有權予以禁言1,000分鐘至10,000分鐘的懲罰。
  3. 大多數的管理團隊人員都是花費自己的私人時間在維護伺服器的環境,禁止玩家不尊重、嘲笑、諷刺管理團隊人員。我們觀察到部分玩家的言行舉止非常地不尊重管理團隊,雖然未使用侮辱他人的詞彙,但是我們仍然不接受惡意的嘲諷行為——即便你沒有說出任何粗俗字詞、侮辱他人的字詞,對於這種文痞玩家,管理團隊有權予以禁言1,000分鐘至10,000分鐘的懲罰。
  4. 禁止煽動任何玩家造成管理團隊工作上的困難,對於煽動其他玩家,導致其他玩家違反重大規定的玩家,管理團隊有權予以滋事者永久停權。


  1. 禁止玩家發表任何與現實商業相關的廣告,管理團隊有權予以禁言最少10,000分鐘,最嚴重處以帳號永久停權的懲罰。
  2. 禁止玩家發表任何與其他私人伺服器有關的內容,例如其他私人伺服器的修正情形、遊戲風氣以及發布廣告行為,管理團隊有權予以禁言最少10,000分鐘,最嚴重處以帳號永久停權的懲罰。
  3. 禁止玩家發表任何不利於伺服器的言論,即便大多數都是不實謠言、或未經證實的消息。但管理團隊仍有權針對嚴重破壞伺服器名譽的玩家有權予以永久停權的懲罰。


  1. 嚴格禁止玩家對於現實中的非法物品之任何交易行為,若情形屬實,管理團隊有權考慮永久停權該IP下的所有帳號,或只永久停權單一帳號。以下項目為被管理團隊視作現實中非法受管制的物品:
    1. 軍火武器、槍械、彈藥。
    2. 任何類型的毒品,即便在部分國家已經合法化的娛樂性用藥也視為違法物品。
    3. 任何與成人情色相關的物品。
  2. 禁止以真實貨幣購買任何其他非法的遊戲服務,例如:購買遊戲金幣、代練工作室……等,管理團隊有權予以違法玩家帳號停權最少30天以上(含永久停權)的懲罰。
  3. 禁止在遊戲世界於公共頻道或私人頻道發表或傳送任何商業廣告,即使您販售的項目是合法安全的商品。管理團隊有權予以違反規定之玩家停權最少30天以上(含永久停權)的懲罰。
  4. 管理團隊對於玩家在遊戲世界所做的任何真實貨幣交易內容均不負責。

第十二條、ОБМ) 禁止任何遊戲帳號的所有權交易、轉讓行為。

  1. 禁止玩家轉讓、出售自己的遊戲帳號給其他人。轉讓帳號給其他人,請務必承擔帳號資料外洩的風險,玩家被盜取或被刪除角色的問題,管理團隊沒有任何義務予以協助;出售遊戲帳號給其他人以此牟利者,管理團隊將永久停權該帳號,購買該帳號的玩家無權以任何理由向管理團隊提出申訴,因為買賣帳號而導致的損失皆應由玩家自行承受風險後果,而不是管理團隊為你的錢包負責。
  2. 協助玩家之間進行帳號交易行為者(即交易過程的第三方仲介),管理團隊有權予以停權最少30天以上,最高永久停權的懲罰。
  3. 若玩家的帳號遭到任何原因的盜用,管理團隊沒有絕對的義務必須提供任何人任何形式的協助。
  4. 若玩家的帳號遭到任何原因的盜用,且造成玩家資料或財務上的損失,經查證屬實發現盜帳號者之使用者帳號,管理團隊有權予以盜帳號者永久停權的懲罰。
  5. 禁止玩家於公共頻道發表遊戲帳號所有權交易、轉讓行為的言論,經查證屬實,管理團隊有權予以禁言1440分鐘,或停權最少1天以上,最高30天的懲罰。
  6. 管理團隊屬第三方公正調查機關單位,僅透過所查詢到之證據來決定嫌疑人是否有罪。


  1. 禁止取笑任何民族、種族、國籍、宗教、文化,也同樣禁止取笑任何性取向。因為此行為造成他人心理不適被投訴者,管理團隊有權予以禁言7天(10,000分鐘)至1個月(43,200分鐘)的懲罰。如情節重大則會再依第十四條規定附加執行處分。
  2. 禁止瘋狂言語騷擾特定玩家,造成他人心理壓力或導致遊玩體驗被破壞。經受害者舉證而被投訴者,管理團隊有權予以禁言7天(10,000分鐘)至1個月(43,200分鐘)的懲罰。


  1. 禁止發表政治仇恨、民族仇恨的言論。現實世界中的問題歸屬於現實世界的問題,與遊戲世界無關,違反本規定者,管理團隊有權予以停權30天以上,情節嚴重可予以永久停權的懲罰。
  2. 禁止玩家針對某一位玩家自身的種族血統,宗教信仰以及性取向發表侮辱與歧視性的言論,違反本規定者,管理團隊有權予以停權30天以上,情節嚴重可予以永久停權的懲罰。


  1. 禁止批評贊助行為——別人的錢包並不關你的事,人家有權決定自己是否願意捐贈並提升伺服器品質,而不受其他人肆意批評。一般玩家對有過贊助行為的玩家發起與贊助行為相關的惡劣批評,管理團隊有權予以禁言1小時(60分鐘)至12小時(720分鐘)的懲罰;發表與贊助行為相關的侮辱、嘲諷行為,管理團隊有權予以禁言6小時至24小時的懲罰。
  2. 對有過贊助行為的玩家發表與贊助行為相關的惡作劇玩笑,導致受害者的心理嚴重不適,管理團隊有權予以禁言10天(14,400分鐘)的懲罰。
  3. 對有過贊助行為的玩家發表與贊助行為相關的侮辱、嘲諷行為,管理團隊有權予以帳號停權最少15天至30天的懲罰。


  1. 協助玩家更加方便遊玩魔獸世界,且非作弊方式的插件(UI)不受本規定限制。
  2. 非法程式項目包含使玩家能夠瞬間移動、行走更快速、嚴重破壞遊戲平衡、自動機器人、自動採集釣魚……等。管理團隊有權對於使用非法程式的玩家予以停權最少30天以上,最高永久停權的懲罰。


  1. 如果玩家所利用的遊戲BUG並不會造成玩家比其他玩家更有優勢的情況下,管理團隊有權予以帳號停權最少3天,最高30天的懲罰。
  2. 如果玩家所利用的遊戲BUG會造成玩家比其他玩家更有優勢的情況下,管理團隊有權予以帳號停權最少7天以上(含永久停權)的懲罰。懲罰內容由承辦的管理人員負責決定。
  3. 若玩家願意合作,提供告訴管理團隊自己是如何利用該BUG,並且實際操作讓管理團隊能夠去修正問題的話,我們可以視其情況,考量是否減輕懲罰內容。


  1. 禁止玩家使用無法讓管理團隊簡單辨識的名稱,管理團隊有權予以帳號停權最少3天並強制改名的懲罰。
  2. 禁止玩家名稱含有成人情色、歧視性詞彙、侮辱性詞彙,管理團隊有權予以帳號停權最少3天並強制改名的懲罰。
  3. 禁止公會名稱含有成人情色、歧視性詞彙、侮辱性詞彙,管理團隊有權予以公會強制解散的懲罰。


  • 禁止玩家名稱與管理團隊成員使用的名稱相似,管理團隊有權予以帳號停權最少3天並強制改名的懲罰。
    • 例外:如果玩家名稱早已先使用,而與管理團隊人員名稱相似,可能導致衝突時,則會強制將管理團隊人員改名,而不是玩家改名。
  • 禁止公會名稱與管理團隊使用的公會名稱相似,管理團隊有權予以該公會會長帳號停權30天以上(含永久停權),公會強制解散的懲罰。


  1. 玩家被禁止以組隊方式,在沒有發生PvP行為的狀況下輪流讓對方死亡的方式來互相刷競技場或戰場積分,管理團隊有權予以違法參與競技場與戰場的玩家帳號停權3天,並清除其競技場或戰場積分、所有PvP成就、榮譽等級、PvP天賦以及所有從PvP競技獲得之獎勵的處罰。
  2. 管理團隊有權不向受到懲罰之玩家提供相關證據,但玩家仍有權向管理團隊進行申訴,但必須提供完整證據。
  3. 當符合申訴條件且管理團隊經過伺服器記錄交叉比對檢查後,若玩家受到錯誤的懲罰,則將討論對於懲罰玩家的管理團隊成員之公正性評估討論,若情節重大將撤銷GM的管理權限。
  4. Анроллы若玩家提供偽造證據,則加倍依照第二十二條規定,管理團隊有權予以帳號停權最少20天,最多60天的懲罰。競技場與戰場是一個神聖的運動競技場所,管理團隊絕不允許任何偽造資料來破壞競技場所的秩序。


  1. 禁止對伺服器造成惡意影響的攻擊,管理團隊有權予以該IP下的所有帳號,或單一帳號永久停權的懲罰。
  2. 禁止盜取伺服器資料,管理團隊有權予以該IP下的所有帳號,或單一帳號永久停權的懲罰。
  3. 禁止散布惡意程式,導致玩家電腦中毒,管理團隊有權予以該IP下的所有帳號,或單一帳號永久停權的懲罰。


  1. ОДА)禁止討論、批評管理部門的任何行為,管理團隊有權予以帳號停權最少10天,最多30天的懲罰。
  2. 禁止以任何目的欺騙管理團隊,管理團隊有權予以帳號停權最少10天,最多30天的懲罰。
  3. 禁止玩家故意以不實言論,惡意在任何頻道上誹謗管理團隊,管理團隊有權予以帳號停權最少10天,最多30天的懲罰。
  4. ОА嚴格禁止直接或間接的方式侮辱管理團隊,管理團隊有權予以侮辱管理團隊者的帳號停權90天以上(含永久停權)的懲罰。
  5. 禁止冒充管理團隊,管理團隊有權予以冒充管理團隊的玩家帳號停權10天以上,30天以下的懲罰。
  6. ОС嚴格禁止直接或間接的方式侮辱伺服器、散布不實謠言,管理團隊有權予以冒充管理團隊的玩家帳號停權30天以上(含永久停權)的懲罰。
  7. 禁止管理團隊濫用權限,使特定玩家獲得比其他一般玩家擁有更為優勢的能力,玩家應主動告知管理員的違法行為並通知管理團隊主管單位進行處理。故管理團隊有權針對情形,予以被獲得更佳優勢的違規玩家停權90天以上(含永久停權)的懲罰。實施違規行為的管理員將被移除權限,並且一般遊戲帳號將被加重2倍懲罰。


  1. 商業廣告以及真實世界交易(無論何種交易)。
  2. 交易、轉讓帳號。
  3. 侮辱他人親屬。
  4. 點燃政治仇恨、民族仇恨、發表歧視宗教文化、性取向的言論。
  5. 侮辱管理員。
  6. 侮辱伺服器。


  • 若誣告者是因誤解/誤會導致誣告,不予以任何懲罰。
  • 若確定誣告行為純屬惡意行為,管理團隊有權依照第二十二條規定加倍懲罰,予以誣告玩家停權帳號最少20天,最多60天的懲罰。


  • 一般情況下,我們不會隨意封鎖IP位址,只會停權使用該IP位址的所有帳號或部分違規的某帳號。



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