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  1. The passage of Suramar To obtain Achievement http://ru.wowhead.com/achievement=11124 and that is, to complete the complete chain of Suramar, you need a little patience. Teleports on Suramar "Map" Teleport network There are only 3 flight points in Suramar, but there is a system of teleports for daily travel. In total there are 9 different teleports, some of which are activated with the help of http://ru.wowhead.com/currency=1155, and some - automatically, with the development of history. All teleporters work for free, all teleports are bilateral (Shal'Aran - area in Suramar, and in reverse order). Teleports work even in combat. Unlocking all 9 teleports opens the achievement of http://ru.wowhead.com/achievement=11125. Secondary storylines Execution of tasks from these storylines is required to unlock certain parts of Suramar, dungeons or individual local tasks. Related Achievement: http://ru.wowhead.com/achievement=11124 Please note that it is required to open flights in Legion 7.2.5 Quests separately for chapters: Here we will look at all the tasks from the achievement of the http://ru.wowhead.com/achievement=11124 The sequence of quests in accordance with the "Official Server" Important! This guide is dedicated to all newcomers, or simply for people who like to ask a lot of questions, the chain is prepared on our server is checked against the off. Optional Quests There are several short chains of quests related to the history of Suramar, but independent of the main and secondary storylines. Most of them open when you finish the stage of "Twilight". In total, these quests give: 400 ancient mana; 6900 force of the artifact (multiplied by your knowledge of the artifact), which is quite useful for a fresh character. Optional task chains begin with the following quests: Reputation You can get a reputation with http://ru.wowhead.com/faction=1859 mostly in Suramar. Ancient Mana and with what it is eaten? http://ru.wowhead.com/currency=1155 Arcane wine, the liquid form of ancient mana, permeated with the essence of the Nightwell, has become the most important source of nutrition for the Nightborne during their long isolation. Without mana, they could not satiate their passion for arcane magic and eventually degenerated into insane monsters, known as the Withered. Power channels The first sorceress of Talisra, the leader of the Pampered, found a way to restore abandoned pylons in the ancient system of tunnels. With your help, she can redirect the streams of magic to Shal'Aran. In order to unlock the quests for power channels, you need to complete the quest. After that, you will begin to see the quests on the power channels on the minimap, in the form of an exclamation mark. You will need to look for the entrance to the ancient tunnels to complete these tasks. Activation of power channels costs 200-250 of ancient mana per pylon. Successful passage, with respect the administration of the forum Blackmanos This guide was compiled with the help of Developer Sheamus and also with the support of the forum en.wowhead.com
  2. The Rules is for uwow.biz. Price list of mutes: Attention! Raid, guild, group chat are not considered for obscene language and insults, but are also dealt with in case of violations: Insulting the Administration (OA), Insulting the server (OS), Insulting relatives (ER), Insulting Donators (OA), Advertising, Exchange sale of characters, etc.), ignition and insults of interethnic / intercultural, etc.discord. Pricelist of Bans. The administration does not consider user channels (created by players) for minor violations: flood, insults, mate and others, but reserves the right to consider these channels for more severe violations: OR, OA, OS, advertising, trade for real, exchange of accounts and similar according to the price list and the rules of the project. Supplement for fake screenshots: If a person is caught in a fake screenshots, then all the players who were banned earlier on the screenshots from this convicted have the right to file a review of their punishment and if there are no circumstances that can interfere with the anban, then the banned can rely on anban. Important! In the case of violations, where the penalty is only permanent bank account or all accounts on the ip, the curator has the right to issue a permanent ban on the violator's ip.
  3. http://forum.uwow.biz/topic/164513-obschie-pravila-polzovatelej-i-administratcii-p/ Chapter 1: General Provisions. The uwow.biz project was created primarily for free play on the home server of World of Warcraft. The project uwow.biz doesn`t contact with Blizzard Int., and doesn`t violate copyright law, because the project isn`t commercial. That is, the use of the project is completely free of charge, and all donations to the server are voluntary. The administration, operating under the guidance of the boss (blackmanos), represents the governing authority on this project, having its own hierarchy and code of rules and acting in the interests of the users of the project. By registering on this project and taking part in it, you automatically agree with the set of these rules, undertaking to carry them out, aware that if you violate these rules, you may be restricted in access to the project either partially or completely, and permanently (perpetually). Remember, ignorance of these rules, like disagreement with them, doesn`t absolve from responsibility for their violation. If you don`t know the rules and violate them, you will be punished in accordance with the rules of the project, the penalties for which are specified in the topic "Complete price list of mutes and bans for all kinds of violations." The Administration reserves the right to revise these rules by adding, correcting or deleting certain items without notifying the users thereof. Users are required to track changes in the rules themselves. Responsibility for any actions or violations is solely the responsibility of the account holder. Trusting access to an account to third parties, or creating elementary passwords such as "123456", you violate the rules of the project, as well as compromise the safety of your account. The administration refuses to help restore access / review penalties for user accounts affected by the actions of third parties who have access to their account. The administration undertakes to take all measures of protection from hacking accounts by selecting passwords. Administration isn`t responsible for receiving users of malicious code or viruses from other users. Game characters of users who haven`t logged into the game for a long time can be removed from the server database, to clean up the space and to work comfortably. Chapter 2: Powers and Responsibilities of the Administration. The administration doesn`t owe to anyone personally, and mustn`t obey the instructions of the players. Administration doesn`t bear responsibility for the cases of damage caused by the visit of this project (moral damage, material damage, physical damage (all types of physical damage) and other types of damage). Administration isn`t responsible for the temporary or permanent inability to use the server by a specific person or group of persons. Administration in the right at any time with a direct or indirect threat of the server to stop providing services to a specific user or subnet as a whole. The administration has the right to monitor and intervene in the game process when it considers it necessary. Administration does not return the return of characters, things, money and any materials used in the game, lost as a result of ignorance of the rules of the game or unforeseen disruptions in the operation of the server. Restoration of characters is possible only through the use of appropriate donat-vendors. The administration undertakes to establish the time and degree of punishment in accordance with the data from the topic "Complete price list of mutes and bans for all kinds of violations", except in cases where the violation isn`t described in the topic with the price list or punishment according to the price list can not be set. The administration doesn`t report to the players, and isn`t obligated to prove to the player its rightness regarding the penalties, except for those on the appeal of punishments, where the administration undertakes to show the player proof of his guilt. The administration reserves the right not to prove the correctness of its actions to the user if the ban was installed by the server security system (anti-cheat, anti-brute system, filters from DDoS attacks), or data from logs of game actions of players. In this case, the player can contact Sylvanas, who will conduct an independent investigation into these penalties. The administration does not review the penalties that were applied to the user more than 3 months ago, and reserves the right to refuse to provide evidence of the user's guilt, to which the security measures were applied more than 3 months ago. The composition of the administration has its own hierarchy and ramification into groups working in certain areas. The administration is allowed to work strictly in the areas entrusted to them, and the administration must obey only its immediate supervisors, as well as the senior administration (Sr. Game Master, Administrator). Administration officials, for example, the realm curator, bear full responsibility for their charges and are obliged to monitor their work by periodically checking the logs of the administration's actions, and by direct presence on the realm. Senior administration officials are also required to help in some cases their wards with work, but do not do it for them. In the same way as curators, administrators and senior GMs are required to supervise the work of curators. Administrations are allowed to use advantageous teams only with respect to working accounts (non-players). It is strictly forbidden to use teams for mercenary purposes and to obtain unfair advantage over other players. Administration is prohibited to change the parameters of the world (respawn time, health of mobs, etc.) for personal gain in the game or outside it, or to provide advantages to one or another player. Administration is prohibited from using in-game announcements for personal and commercial purposes. Administrations are allowed to enter edits on the game realm in real time, if circumstances so require, or as directed by senior administration officials. The administration has the right to prohibit the player (s) from using a particular game object, npc, game location, etc. for the time spent by her work on the elimination of problems and / or bugs of the game. The Administration reserves the right at any time without warning to interrupt the operation of the game server to improve its performance or if circumstances so require (lag in the gaming world) or as directed by senior administration officials. Daily in the period from 3 to 7 am on Moscow time there may be problems with access and recall of the server. At this time, the server retains its archive copy of the data for recovery from the control point under unforeseen circumstances. As for planned technical work, the administration undertakes to announce them through the news feeds of the site, forum, social networks. The administration is obliged to maintain confidentiality, namely: not to disseminate confidential information about the personal data of users and administration representatives without their consent, not to distribute the requisites from accounts on the site, forum and in the game, not to transfer parts of the code or all server code to others. Do not inform about the plans of the administration without the consent of the administration. Any representative of the administration has the right to rest and privacy, therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant situations about his holidays, sick leave, etc. they are obliged to warn the senior representatives of the administration. Inactive without good reason, the administration will be removed from office without the possibility of further reinstatement. The administration has the right to respect for its personality as a person and citizen of the N-th country, therefore insulting the representatives of the administration are prohibited in any direct or indirect form and in some cases can be punished by banning all accounts on IP. The administration has the right to establish accounts to participate in the project at the user level, subject to these rules. The representative of the administration reserves the right to disseminate information about the position held by him or to keep this information confidential. The administration is obliged to actively and adequately communicate with users, advising them, as well as providing its assistance to the user within the framework of the project and the rules. Administration does not undertake to answer all and always, and reserves the right to ignore a particular message of the user, if it does not comply with the rules of communication with the administration. The administration reserves the right to work, advise and help users via personal communication outside the project (skype, ICQ, etc.), however, since this is a personal environment, the administration has every right to ignore any users at will. Note: the administration is not liable for any damage (material, moral, etc.) resulting from communication with persons outside the project. The project completely refuses to accept complaints about the administration based on facts taken outside the project (logs, conversation records, Skype screenshots, etc.), as these ways of communicating with users are not official. Chapter 3. Authorities of users in the game and on the forum. Users can create an unlimited number of accounts in the game and dispose of them within the rules of the project. Users can use any nicknames in the game and on the lurem that do not contradict the server rules. The administration does not consider complaints like "he uses my nickname, he uses the name of the guild that he stole from me / my friend, etc.", since the administration does not provide services for fixing copyrights to nicknames, names of guilds / arenas / channels communication. Users can thematic communication in the game and on the forum (in sections where it does not contradict the rules of the forum), create topics for advice, help, communication, search for companions for the game. Users have the right to complain about the actions of players who will outplay these rules in specially created sub-sections on their realm forums. Users can challenge the actions of administration and punishment in specially selected topics. Users can make complaints against representatives of the administration whose actions seemed to users to be contrary to the rules of the administration. Users can report any game bugs and server flaws in specially designated topics. Users can communicate with the administration and contact directly to one or another representative of the administration for advice and assistance. Users can use the commands available to them in the game. Users are fully responsible for entering their game commands, for example ".acc lock on". Users can make material donations to the project, receiving in exchange the items and services in the game, in the form of a unique currency, converting donated money into a so-called "Bonuses". Chapter 4. Duties of users in the game and on the forum It is forbidden to use any programs and add-ons that give unfair advantage over other players. Exceptions: Addons that increase the player's knowledge of the surrounding world (health of mobs, dungeon maps, etc.) It is forbidden to use any game bugs giving you any advantage over other players, as well as hiding them from the Administration. The use of bugs unintentionally (when a spell was fired so that without a bug it can not be used) falls under this rule, but the penalty is given or not given at the discretion of the administration, depending on the situation. It is forbidden to hide any game bugs from the Administration. It is forbidden to use any objects and spells that are not entered into the game by the developers or the administration of the server (for example, spells) that give you an unfair advantage over other players. It is forbidden to use any emulators of the player's presence in the game: multiboxes, etc. It is forbidden to withhold violations from the Administration. If, later it turns out that you did not do this intentionally, you will be punished. Therefore, phrases such as "I have a screenshot like you <...>, so if you do not <...>, then I will send it to the administration" will be punished according to the strictness of the price list. Prohibited attempts to trade information about violations and / or bugs. It is forbidden to exchange game accounts, try to exchange, sell accounts for any currency. It is forbidden to transfer control of the account to other people, transfer of password from the account, transfer of the account "as a gift", transfer of the account after "leaving the project" or "temporary absence during the session / retirement, etc.". It is forbidden to gain access to the account of other users, voluntary, or forced, or by a virus attack on users. Trade, exchange of accounts, game values with players or administration of other projects are prohibited, as well as receiving or rendering any paid services with respect to another server if our project is involved. It is forbidden to distribute malicious programs (trojans) with the aim of stealing game values. Any actions that entail a harmful effect on the server are prohibited. It is forbidden to steal game values, whether in raid / instance (Anrolls without warning, dishonest distribution of loot, loot loot), etc. RL has the right to refuse the character in the issue of the item of equipment (armor, weapons, etc.), if the character already has this item of equipment (with the same level) the rule does not apply to paired items, such as weapons in two hands, and so on, if the applicant for an item has only one available, the rule also applies to cases where the player had an item of equipment, but temporarily got rid of him for a while raid or roll, for example, by selling to a vendor. The RL reserves the right to take loot from the raid by anrolls, but only if it first informs the raid about it before the first boss's bullet, and also it is obliged to warn all those whom he has taken to the raid to replace the departed. This means that if the RL, before giving a cd to the entire raid, is obliged to advertise the raid "/ op" "Anrol of this and that," "Roll it on top 5 DMD," "roll this top 2 heal, tanko-shmot roll tanks and top3 DMD. " Before the Pulse of the first boss, you need to advertise and zaskrinit. Also, if you entered the condition "Top 2 dps / hpc" and the like, you need to make a screen dps / hps meter or at least the screen of his link in the chat room. this will be proof that you have given the gear according to your own raid conditions. All roll rules entered AFTER the receipt of a raid by the player can be ignored and if the RL gives out loot on them, and not according to the roll or according to the original rules, then RL gets the ban. The rule can be entered after receiving the cd ONLY provided that the entire raid agrees with its introduction and that there is a screen confirmation When determining the DPS framework, RL is obliged to indicate whether this item is subject to roll only for dd or can also cast heals and tanks without issuing the specified DPS. Those. if you write "Roll from 15k Dps" this will mean that this item You can transfer to the winning roll and gave out 15k DPS (not a heal, not a tank, which a similar DPS can not type). If you write "Roll from 15k dps + heals + tanks", then you have the right to transfer the item to the winner of the roll, or the tank, which naturally does not have 15k DPS. If the RL announces that an item is going on a roll with roll acceptance criteria (for example, "Roll of Will from 15k DPS", "Roll of Trinity top 3 DD", "Roll of staff - 3 leaders in hops"), or If the object has already been put on the roll, then this object can not be bombarded by the radar. he pointed out that the object will roll. RL is obliged to produce the destruction immediately after the boss's assassination, and also he must distribute loot (including distribution of anrolls) immediately after the development, not after 3 bosses, not at the end of the quarter, but immediately after the development. It is forbidden to use obscene and offensive words in the names of players, the arena of commands, channels of communication, pets. It is forbidden to use the names of characters consisting of third-party characters. Nicky can be created only using the Russian alphabet (AZ) and the English alphabet (A-z) (except for the country: China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan). It is forbidden to combine characters from several layouts in one nick. The exception to this rule are the names of guilds that have been changed for donat. It is forbidden to create characters with names similar to the names of any representative of the administration, except for the moments if your character was created earlier than the character of the representative of the administration. In the case when the player creates a character with the nickname of a representative of the administration of another realm, the curator of the realm where the violation is committed has the right to calculate this situation not contradicting the interests of the server and not to issue a penalty. It is forbidden to create guilds with names that contain insults to the server, administration, relatives, affecting the honor and dignity of other guilds or players, the name or advertising of third-party projects (WOW server). Attacks on honor and dignity are phrases that can be regarded as degrading or offending the person's moral / ethical / racial / personal standards. Any criticism or provocation of another guild. The decision that hurts honor and dignity is made by the administration. It is forbidden to transfer the currency "Points of Honor" on the players of opposing factions (it does not matter, by prior agreement or in two windows by a multigram), it is forbidden to overfill the arena, in several windows, with friends, all sorts of "guild tournaments on arenaiting". If the team is caught on the overflow through server arenas, absolutely all team members will be banned without trial, having any involvement in the team. If, on the outcome of the arena overflow, the players took seasonal things for the rating (a15), even with the donated anban, the items will be removed from the character with the anban, and the team is forcibly disbanded by the representative of the administration. It is forbidden to advertise in a gaming chat or forum. It is forbidden to leave references to such projects, no matter in what subtext, under the codes of the offtopic or spoiler, etc. in the game or on the forum. It is forbidden to mention other projects in the game and on the forum, posted with a view to entice players to a third-party project / to expose our project in a disadvantageous light / to exhibit a third-party project in a positive light. It is forbidden to speak out against the server and its components (DC, anti-cheat, hosting, etc.) It is forbidden to use scripts / addons, etc. to change the color of the text in the chat. It is forbidden to use obscene language in general chat rooms, either openly or veiled. Attempts to avoid punishment, for example, to prove that the word "bitch" in the chat is literary, will be ignored. Also in this category are words derived from the word "homosexual" and so on itself, the word" homosexual "in this category does not include t .k is censored. Threats related to malicious acts against a person or a group of persons (threatening to send out viruses, hacking, ddos), threats of violence in real life, in direct or indirect form, are prohibited. Do not threaten players familiarity with GM and so on. (The administration, as well as her friends on this project all have long grown and educated people, no one will break the rules because of a friend or neighbor, and if they will, then later regret it) . Banned threats ban and blocking certain aspects of the game, those things that can only be performed by representatives of the administration and certainly not by the players. It is forbidden to insult the players in the game and on the forum. Insults are phrases that can really be regarded as degrading, or offending the person's moral / racial / moral qualities, based on obscene language. On the box with the game WoW is pegi 12+, as well as a warning that the player can find obscene expressions in the game. Therefore, for insults such as "fool, idiot, Loch" no one will be punished if they are not directed towards the administration, the server or someone's relatives. It is forbidden to offend the Donat system, donators about the fact that they are spending money on the game, as well as in every way to humiliate, puncture and generally unhealthily speak out about their actions. Donat is a voluntary business, someone else's wallet should not bother you. If donater himself starts provoking a conflict because of donat or how to divorce insults - donater will be punished with a ban. Insults of relatives, indirect or direct, are forbidden. It is forbidden to systematically provoke other players for violations (determined at the discretion of the administrator, at least 3 + times). Such actions lead to an increase in the number of violations, which directly leads to a decrease in online, and also harm the server. It is forbidden to flood in the chat. Flooding is: posting messages that are useless for the chat channel. These can be very short messages, clogging chat or very long messages that make it difficult to read the chat, as well as messages containing a verbal "water", not bearing the proper semantic load. Flood also considers placing identical messages in several channels, placing several messages in a row, if at least one of them can be classified as a flood. Forcing spells with prefixes such as "[% spell%] anus", "[% spell%] mother-in-law" are forbidden. It is also forbidden to clog the chat with the same type of symbols or messages. Any offers of services for real money are forbidden. The rule equally affects both buyers and sellers, i. E. If the player still went to these same services, he is considered to be supporting spam, i.e. causing a harmful effect on the project. The services provided by other players for the donated currency, payment for which is made through the donate system, for example: the donation of the arena for donations, anrols for donates, are not prohibited, but the administration is not responsible for the honesty of the services offered by these individuals. It is forbidden to offer an exchange of accounts / sale of access to the account for any values / offer gift acca, etc. Attempts to appeal the punishment for this rule with phrases such as "I decided to check how many suckers buy an accc on pirates", "I wanted to catch those who would change and float on the forum," "I clicked on the macro to check that a friend did, playing for my Persian" , "I did not say that I really will change, I'm just kidding the same" will be ignored. We saw the fact of the exchange - goodbye. The rule lives exactly as long as the project lives, it's time to get used to it. Please note, the violation applies to any social network, any community. Any transfer of details (login, password, mail from the account) and, accordingly, control over the account, is punished, and this applies to both parties, both the one who gave and the one who accepted it. Complaints that you have been deceived, or requests for the return of the account that you exchanged, but you have been deceived will be ignored. It is forbidden to ignite interethnic ignition, etc. discord. Prohibitions to the Administration of the type "Give Golds \ Honor \ Clothing / Mount \ mp, Bring it to the Instruction on the Arena" are prohibited. even as a joke. Any attempts to "joke", provocations, trolling, etc. are forbidden. heresy to the representatives of the Administration. It is forbidden to distract the Administration with meaningless messages ("ku", "hello, are you here?", "Can I have a question?", "Are you an admin?", "Have you got asya \ skype, admin?", Etc.) in the chat. It is forbidden to speak out against the server and its components in any way (DC, anti-cheat, hosting, etc.). Emotion of an offensive character to the representative of the administration will be calculated as a real insult and undermining authority. It is forbidden to write to game characters a representative of the Administration on game issues. It is forbidden to offend the Administration. It is forbidden to discuss / criticize the actions of the administration. Complaints and so on, leave on the forums in the relevant topics. It is prohibited to deceive members of the Administration in any form and for any purpose. It is forbidden to take any things from the administration. Any causeless sketches should be screened and sent to the forum. It is strictly forbidden to slander the administration. Any deliberate or unintentional acts or omissions preventing the members of the administration from carrying out their functions are prohibited. Any attempt to impersonate a representative of the Administration is forbidden. It is forbidden to ask any questions to the Administration about confidential information (Who has access to the database, what kind of mail is it from such a GM, etc.) Chapter 5. Rules for communication with the Administration. If you need GM, you can see the list of GMs present in the game using the command ".gm ingame". Communication of players with GMs is made only through a ticketing system. In PM, GMs do not write, but respond to tickets. If you have any questions, you should first look for answers on the site and on the project forum. If the answer is not found, ask it in the appropriate forum. And only after that, if the answer has not been received in a long time (several days), contact the administration. If you find a bug, make sure that it is really a bug (for example, ask other players). If you find out that there is not enough of a mob or nps, first think how much you need it, and then make sure that it should be exactly where you are looking for it. (To do this, use search engines like http://wow.allakhazam.com, http://thottbot.com, http://wowhead.com). If you ignore all this, and it turns out that you have distracted the representative of the Administration inadvertently, this can be regarded as a deceit of the Administration, and as a consequence, punishment will follow. When contacting a representative of the Administration, please describe the entire problem in the minimum number of messages. Messages like "Hello, are you here?", "How are you, you're GM?", "Can a question?", "TP to me!" Will be punished. Do not distract GM `s on issues of non-working talents, quests and abilities - this is the prerogative of the forum. The absence of NPC is desirable to highlight on the forum and at the same time personally GM. If you tell any Petya that Vanya can be banned for "blah blah blah", and you run to complain about this to Vanya with the words "Peter said that for this banyat!" You will get the mut \ RO forum.