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  1. 各位玩家您好! 我們目前正在招募遊戲主播玩家參與Uwowcn伺服器推廣企劃 對遊戲主播的基本條件要求: 您至少必須年滿17歲。 您必須具備足夠的抗壓性、對待他人是有禮貌的。 您必須熟悉本遊戲伺服器的基本遊戲內容和功能。 您必須具有創建直播間以及創作遊戲視頻影片的基礎能力與經驗。 申請表格: 您的真實姓名? 您的暱稱或者遊戲角色暱稱? 您的電腦配備,例如:CPU、RAM、顯示卡型號等配備信息。 是否有直播經驗?大約狀況為何? 關於您自身的基本信息,例如:職業、愛好……等信息。 您願意為這份遊戲直播的工作投入多少時間? 您目前的影音串流頻道連結? 用於管理團隊後續與您聯繫的Skype/Discord ID 有意願加入直播團隊的話請投遞申請表格至電子郵件-uwowcn.eric@outlook.com 或者請您聯繫Discord ID - Euphoria#3182 請注意!詳細的工作報酬將透過Skype/Discord與您單獨討論。 Dear Players! We're recruit Game Streamer on UwowCN! Base requirements: You must be over 17 ages at least. You must be adequate, stress-resistant, polite. You must know the game content and features of our server well. You must have experience in streaming, as well as creating various thematic videos on channel. Application Template: Your real name. Your nickname and character name Your computer equipment, such as CPU, RAM, Graphic Card....etc Do you have any experience of streaming? The information about yourself, such as career, favorite hobbies, and some experiences we can know more about you. How much time would you willing to do streaming? Your channel link Your Skype/Discord ID for communication. Please send your application to this E-Mail address if you willing to join our stream team-uwowcn.eric@outlook.com Attention! We will discuss rewards in Skype/Discord alone.