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  1. 您好,我在官网的下载mac版本的游戏文件并解压uwowcn文件进文件夹后,仍然提示“应用程序UWowCN无法打开” 请问有什么办法可以解决呢?
  2. 官网上提供的 mac版本 从torrentu.biz下载游戏文件,在下载完 .torrent文件后,始终不开始下载游戏客户端,麻烦检查修复一下下载链接吧,谢谢!
  3. 同上,请开放uwowcn转uwowa,可以收费,谢谢
  4. 每次第一次登陆后,苏拉玛的npc 山谷行者法罗丁 都会跟随我的角色 Hawadozs,在传送切换场景后会消失,但每次大退小退都会再次跟随,这个bug自从我完成苏拉玛任务线后就一直存在。希望能解决一下此bug,谢谢。我在游戏中询问过gm,因为此bug无法在游戏中解决,gm建议我在论坛反馈此问题。请帮忙解决一下这个bug吧,这个bug真的很讨厌,谢谢! One of Suramar's NPC Valewalker Farodin has been following me every single time when I first log on to my character Hawadozs. The NPC disappears when I teleport to another scene or map, while keeps on following me after re-logging on. This bug has been on ever since I finished the Suramar questline and it is really annoying. Any chances this bug can be solved? I have consulted GMs within the game who suggested me to report this bug on the forum as they were not capable of solving it within game. Thank you so much for your support!