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1. 受害者角色暱稱。
2. 違規者角色暱稱。(申請必須是該違規者所在的遊戲伺服器)
3. 詳細描述該玩家違反什麼規則,如何違反了規則?
4. 證據,必須是截圖或錄影檔。
5. 輸入違規視窗截圖的標題,在資料夾裡面截圖下來的照片應該看起來像:"WoWScrnShot_050114_181747"。



  • 截圖證據應上傳至 egammi.com/ (其他網站圖片平台對於圖片存儲有時間限制,我們希望儘可能地保持圖片檔案的存在時間)
  • 截圖證據可以接受存在於背景的「無法被消除之非透明圖案」,但如果會導致判定無法調查的狀況時,我們會考慮拒絕接受這張截圖證據。
  • 截圖證據應該要是一個正常大小,例如:640x480或以上像素。
  • 截圖證據拒絕任何編輯,任何繪圖或改變截圖原始狀況的行為會直接拒絕投訴申請。
  • 如果截圖的當下是位於跨伺服器區域(例如:競技場或戰場)中取得的,則截圖應能看得見該玩家位於哪一個伺服器,角色暱稱為何。請勿對著超級遙遠幾乎看不見對方角色的地方進行截圖,請在對方靠近您的時候,能清楚看見對方角色暱稱、伺服器名稱時進行截圖。
  • 輸入違規視窗截圖的標題,該截圖檔案的標題應如同:"WoWScrnShot_050114_181747"。不符合此規定的投訴申請將被拒絕。
  • 嚴禁給予偽證以及欺騙管理員們!經查發現將受到長期鎖定甚至於永久鎖定的嚴厲懲罰!

Hello, dear players and visitors of the forum.
The topic is intended for complaints against violators of the project rules regarding chatting. Based on the rules, violations are punishable by price-list. Complaints are considered by the administration within 3 days.

How to complain?
You can read the information in the guide for drafting complaints. 

Complaint Template:
1. Nickname of the victim.
2. The nickname of the offender (the application must be made in the section of the game realm of the offender).
3. The charge. Tell me in detail what and how it (point 2) violated the rules.
4. Evidence of violation (screenshots, movies).
5. Enter the title of the screenshot of violation. It will look something like "WoWScrnShot_050114_181747" in your folder with the game.

1. The screen should be loaded with egammi.com/ (hosting of other sites have a limit on the storage of the time images, we need to keep the screen as long as possible). And put it like reference, NOT a picture.
2. Screenshots with an absolutely non-transparent background for consideration are accepted, BUT in force-majeure cases (for example, logs are unavailable and we do not have the opportunity to verify the reliability of information), we can refuse to consider the complaint with this screenshot.
3. The screen should be of a normal size (on screenshots 640x480 you can break your eyes and not see enough information to make a punishment).
4. You can`t edit screenshots. Any painted or changed trifle will lead to a denial of the complaint.
5. If the screen was made in interrealm zone (arena and bg), on your screen should be visible from which realm the intruder. For example, we will not take screenshots with a player who is barely visible in the sky and the signature of the complaining "John from x100", take the player in target, that you can see the nickname and realm, and do screenshot.
6. Enter the name of the screenshot with the violation. It will look something like "WoWScrnShot_050114_181747".Posts that made not according to the application form will be deleted/ 

Remember that the deception of the Administration is punished with a permanent ban.

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圖片名稱與回報所述圖片名稱不相符。(網站圖片名稱:%7ZHKK4([email protected]{LO[[email protected];您所寫的圖片名稱:WoWScrnShot_121018_015025)


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