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  1. Huln in the past stuck in npc

    I am trying to finish the quest chain where you get send back to past to experience life of Huln. You get transformed in him and walk around making quests. I cannot finish the final mission - or even leave. Am stuck in NPC form, which i cannot leave to fight for my character so i cannot use any of my skills or portals. however the NPC skills themself are gone and i cannot use them. since the quest want me to kill the boss, but i cannot attack in any form I am stuck. I cannot finish, and i cannot leave. Either the button for me to leave the npc form so i can fight with my character alone should work, or i should get back the NPC skills to use them so i can finish. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=39992/hulns-war-the-nathrezim#comments http://immage.biz/image/Sl5E
  2. Portal to Dalaran in Stormwind

    Is there any chance for my character being send back to broken shores since i cand find other way? I spend a lot time building her and getting my achievments, am realy sad its stuck now there. Thank you for consideration. Wow LEGION x100, nick - CukiYamia. Fraction - Alliance.
  3. Portal to Dalaran in Stormwind

  4. Portal to Dalaran in Stormwind

    Yes, I finished the story of battle on broken isles and was at theend teleported to New Dalaran. I started going around picking quests. First one sended me back to SW to Anduin, however after coming there i can no longer go back to Broken isles, because i cannot see the portal. But i didnt receive yet the new Heartstone so I cant play further now I see there just two magicians standing making something but no portal. I have pic, but for some reason cannot load it. (click insert existing atachment, it starts loading and later disapears). Wow LEGION 100, nick - CukiYamia. Fraction - Alliance.
  5. Portal to Dalaran in Stormwind

    For some reason I cannot see the portal to new Dalaran in Stormwind castle. Since i teleported away before receiving my Heartstone, i cannot go back to Broken Isles.
  6. I was following quest to build my barrack in my garrison. I finished first two steps, but i cannot finalize the builidng. After its finished buildling, there should appear a scroll in front of the builidng, you should click it and finalize the builiging so its officially finished and open. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=34587/build-your-barracks